February 8th – Giza and the Pyramids!

We had originally planned to return to our hotel in Cairo, but changed our reservation to stay in Giza.   We stayed at the huge Delta Pyramids Hotel,  in a beautiful room with a pyramid view.  We were the only guests in the hotel.

Alone at the Delta Pyramids Hotel

Empty chairs at empty tables

Our breakfast buffet.  Everyday, bread and cheese…

The view from our hotel.  Pinning for the Pyramids

We couldn’t get into the pyramids, so we took a camel ride to a “panoramic view” where we were promised to get a good view.  Unfortunately, the morning fog was against us

Miyuki on her camel

The sadness of Giza.  Without tourists, people had no money to feed themselves, much less their horses and camels.  There were dead horses everywhere

The media discovered us outside the gates of the pyramids.  This was the first of several interviews we gave

A local guy let us up to the roof of his house so we could try and get a pyramid picture

Normally, the roof is where he kept his goats


We tried to talk the army into dressing us up in fatigues and sneaking us into the pyramids in a tank, but no go.  When that failed, we went to the pyramid gates hoping they would take pity on our plight and let us in.  Everyone turned us down, but they were really good-natured about it.  Even the army was laughing and smiling with us.

The zoom on our camera was the closest we got

The army guarding the pyramids and sphinx

Miyuki sneaks inside when the gates are open to let a car out