Meet Zack and Miyuki

The Last Tourists in Egypt is what we were called by the locals and the press when we stood outside of the Pyramids of Giza on February 8th trying to get in.

We left for our dream vacation to Egypt on January 26th, a day after the uprising began against President Mubarak.    While the majority of tourists fled the country soon after, we stayed on and traveled according to our original itenerary flying home on February 10th.  It was definitely not the trip we had imagined, but we had some amazing experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

I don’t think we were the actual last tourists in the country, but we were the last of a certain kind of tourist.  While others stayed in their hotels, we went out into the streets, talked to the locals, and saw all of the corners of the country that were not shown while the world focused on the events in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

In the Press:

Zack and Miyuki in front of the pyramids

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  1. Yosef Allam said,

    February 20, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Hi, just saw the link to your blog from the comments section under a Time website article. My roommate and I were just there until 1 month before the protests began. We also flew through Frankfurt in December (but from Columbus, Ohio) and left Egypt December 26, also through Frankfurt. Great job documenting your trip, and I commend your bravery, although as you saw, Egyptians are very friendly and peaceful. We were big fans of Luxor also, but did not have time to go further south. Thanks for posting all this stuff, it’s great. -Yosef

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